June 21, 2023

This setup went all the way out to LA, California to my new friend Kara Corvus!!  She needed a high quality, custom unit for her super dwarf retic and 2 ball pythons.  The bottom is a split unit for the 2 balls…and features a heat mat underneath, a radiant heat panel above, and an LED strip hidden inside to brighten the whole thing up.  It also has built-in storage below to hide the never ending amounts of supplies that ALL of us have.  The top features a larger enclosure for the retic, with the same radiant heat panel and LED strip.  It also has its own storage area on the sides for thermostats, timers, etc.  The lower unit has wheels so that once stacked together it can be pushed easily with just one hand.  I think it turned out great and couldn’t have been happier working with Kara.